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GoGo Board files from

GoGo Monitor 3.x - Start controlling your GoGo Board

GoGo Monitor for Windows
(XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)

Older Release (does not support Windows 64-bit):

Special instructions for installing on Windows 8

Please read the getting started guide to learn more.
The troubleshooting guide can help you with common installation and usage problems.


Tech Documentation (user docs are in the documentation page)


GoGo Board 4.0x Hardware and Updates

GoGo Board 4.0e


Older Releases:

Firmware Updater Program for Windows:

PCB Design files. The GoGo Board is designed using KiCAD.

Tech Documentation (user docs are in the documentation page)

Add-on Modules


16x2 Character Display

This module allows you to display 32 characters using the 'show' command in your Logo program. [More]

7-Segment 4-Digit Display

This module allows you to show a 4-digit number (or characters that can be shown on a 7-segment display). You can also view sensor values without any programming. [More]


The amplifier allows you to detect voice and vibration. It connects directly to the sensor port. [More]


The module is perfect for projects that require tethered-mode control of the GoGo Board but needs the autonomy of a wireless system. Once paired-up to you computer, you can communicate with the GoGo Board via a Bluetooth serial port. [More]

Clock Module

This module addes date and time to your project. The module can be synchronized with your computer's clock and you can program the gogo board to perform an action at a specific date and time. [More]

PWM Generator - AC/DC

This module operates on AC or DC mode, it is possible to control the intensity of lamps and motors. It can be used in domotic projectsdriving up to 8 devices simultaneously. In DC modecan controlmotors and LEDs (Including RGB) and lamps. Can be used to controlup to 8 servo motors allowing the creation of more complicated robotscontrolled by GoGo board, with up to 12 servo motors.[More]

Voice Recorder

This module can make voice recordings via a built-in microphone and you can control which voice to play from your Logo program  [More]

Software Libraries

GoGo Board Library for Microworlds

This is a simple add-on to LCSI Microworlds that allows you to control the GoGo board directly within the Logo programming environment. It basically add a set of commands for you to read sensor data and control the motor ports. This is similar to Yellow brick logo, but you do not program the GoGo board (there's no downloading process). Rather, you control the board directly. For example, you can type "show sensor1" in the command center and you will get sensor1's value printed on the screen. The command "sensor1" is added to MW by this library.

Please read the user guide to get started.

MIT Scratch

Using the GoGo Board with Scratch

Scratch is a programming environment designed at MIT especially for Children. Scratch can retreive sensor values from the GoGo Board without the need to install any additional add-on libraries. Please visit the "How to use the GoGo Board in Scratch" article in the documentation section.

 Flash logo

GoGo Board Library for Adobe Flash

This library allows your Flash application to communicate with the GoGo Board. This is ideal for Games or Interactive Applications that want to expand their interactions beyond the screen. 

The library communicates with the GoGo Board via the GoGo Monitor Program (using Sockets). Thus, the GoGo Monitor must be running.

 c# logo

GoGo Board Library for C#

If you write applications in C#, this library allows you to interact with the GoGo Board. You can read sensor values, control motors, etc. The library can connect to the GoGo Board directly through a serial connection or via the GoGo Monitor Program (using Sockets). 

 NetLogo icon

Net Logo

You can use the GoGo Board in NetLogo, an agent based modeling system that allows you to explore and experiment with decentralized natural and social phenomena. The GoGo Board extension can be easily accessed from within NetLogo. Please refer to the "NetLogoLab and the GoGo Board Extension" guide. 

Java Icon


This library allows you to control your GoGo Board from your Java program. It connects to the GoGo Board via the GoGo Monitor software. Make sure you run the gogo monitor when using this library.

GoGo Board DLL

The GoGo DLL provides access to GoGo board functionalities (tethered mode) from any language and software environment that supports WIN-32 DLL calls. Examples of these environments include C, C++, Visual Basic, Macromedia Director, Squeak, and Microworlds Logo.